Cultural ID is at its second edition and it will take place during May 2-11th. We have prepared a new discussion theme, cultural management and a new challenge, solving a brief regarding the planning of an entire cultural event .

Let’s not forget you have the chance to meet the organizers of some of the most important film, theatre and music festivals, hear their backstage stories and swap information with young people who are also passioned by the cultural field. We are going to organize teambuildings, informal meetings and, most important, we are going to create the necessary context to solving current cultural problems as creatively as possible. Together with the Romanian Cultural Institute, our partner for the second time, and with the team you will be part of, you will have the chance to apply the strategic plan you conceived and to be part of an active community of young people who want to develop and elaborate cultural management.

How does it sound? Are you in? We’ll be back with details, stay tuned!


The collaboration between Volunteers for Ideas and Projects and the Romanian Cultural Institute  started in 2009 during the the 21st Century Romania Summer School, edition which aimed at bringing culture in the foreground. Moreover, that is when the idea of organizing a project specialized in the culture field arose.This way  Cultural ID was born, which in 2010 focused on cultural communication and this year is addressing cultural management.

RCI  supports and promotes cultural projects that are important in Romania as well as abroad. At the end of 2010, RCI was involved as partner at different film festivals („The Norwegian Film Days”, „The Russian Film Festival”), has supported theatre („The National Theatre Festival”), and has brought classical music back („The RCI Chamber Season at the Romanian Athenaeum”), has organized workshops, conferences and exhibitions on current areas of interest („The Young Artists Biennal”,  „The Industrial Patrimony for Community”, the photographical art exhibition „Until when is it not long?” by Victor Velculescu), to count just a few of some of the most known and recent activities in he cultural and arts field done by collaborating with the RCI.